History of AMEU

The union was formed in 1981 as Metal Industries Workers' Union (MIWU) a result of the restructuring of the Singapore Industrial Labour Organisation (SILO) and the Pioneer Industries Employees' Union (PIEU). We renamed to Advanced Manufacturing Employees' Union (AMEU) in 2021, to reflect and keep up with the changes in the industry that our members work in. We are an affiliate of the National Trades Union Congress and a member of the IndustriALL.

Currently, AMEU represents close to 24,000 workers from over 90 companies in Collective Bargaining.


AMEU’s logo is designed to be minimalist and bold. This simple and timeless design is easy to identify and remember, shows the confidence of our brand, supports our aim to attract a younger workforce into our membership and to stay relevant for the future.

Blue represents the manufacturing industry that our members and companies are in. The vibrant blue appears more striking and is reflective of the advanced manufacturing sector today that is supported by technology.

Red is inherited from the MIWU logo and symbolizes our warm brotherhood, and that the union has and will always be there for workers.

The rest of the letter “E” below the red bar looks like a claw on the robotic arm. This is illustrative of the modern workforce in advanced manufacturing that works closely and alongside robots.

Red that sits on top of this “robotic arm” serves to remind us that the transformation and automation which AMEU is advocating for, should always achieve a positive outcome for workers, and the interests of working people come before robots.

The contemporary looking A is akin to an arrow pointing upwards and symbolizes advancements and progression as we achieve greater heights with our members and partners.

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