Why join union?

1. Workplace Protection & Representation

Advanced Manufacturing Employees' Union (AMEU) will engage the management in collective bargaining for wage negotiations and collective agreements for Ordinary Branch members. In the event of termination, dismissal, retrenchments etc, the union will assist in handling the grievances. For Ordinary Branch members, there are branch officials in the Company and Industrial Relations Officers in charge serving your company.

We represent companies in the metal works, steel mills, metal containers, iron/steel casting and plating, radiators/oil coolers, grinding machines, ball bearings, metal furniture, mechanical engineering services, instrument services, guns and ammunitions, bottle tops, springs, precision engineering, robotics and automation, manufacturing and assembly and/or testing of machines and equipment used in semiconductor, aerospace, medical and healthcare, automobile, electric vehicles and related industries.

If you are an employee of an non-unionized company in the above-mentioned companies and is our union member, you may want to contact us if you want to seek advice on employment-related queries. Our officers will attend to your enquiry soonest possible.


2. Improve Life With Our Benefits

Members regardless of age and nationality, can gain a competitive edge through skills upgrading. We guide members on certifiable courses that can assist them with career moves. Even better yet, we support members’ training through Union Training Assistance Program (UTAP) award of up to $500 per year (subjected to Terms & Conditions).

Through Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), we provide workers with job preparation training, skills upgrading, job preparation and new job opportunities in the market.

Union members are covered a group insurance called NTUC Gift, which provides free coverage of up to S$30,000 for death or total permanent disability (TPD). All eligible members and their spouses will be covered up to 65 years of age. New members must have at least 6 months of continuous NTUC membership and be actively and physically at work at the point when they are eligible for coverage.


3. Have Fun and Play!

We also have exclusive events that are tailored for Advanced Manufacturing Employees' Union’s members and their families. Check out our calendar for the next upcoming event.

There is a great variety of benefits just for you. Enjoy the discounts off our merchandising partners when you dine, shop or go on a holiday.

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